ACT Registration

The easiest method of registering, and the recommended method, is to create an ACT student account and register online through the official ACT official website. The Web site allows students to select a test time, test center, and pay for the exam fees with a credit card through the secure section of the site. Students can also use a serialized state voucher or ACT fee waiver to pay the fees online. Using online ACT registration is recommended because many of the options that commonly need later modification-test time, test location, college codes, score report locations and so on-can easily be performed online with greater speed and efficiency than through the phone or mail.

For students who are unable to sign up online, usually due to payment methods (paying by check, for example) or accommodations for testing that can’t be handled through the Web site, the traditional registration packet is still available for signing up. The packets can be ordered directly from ACT, Inc., although these packets are also generally available from the guidance office or other administrative entity at your local junior high or high school. If changes are required in registration information, students can call ACT directly and make changes before the late registration deadline if they are ineligible or unable to use the online registration process. However, the phone system is available for limited hours during the week-Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM Central time-so using the online registration system to sign up or make changes is encouraged.

Special ACT Testing Circumstances

The ACT has several contingencies in place to help students overcome issues of disability, economic hardship and geographic limitations. Here are a few of the options available for students when registering:

  • Fee waivers – Students who meet certain qualifications as listed on the official ACT fee waiver form are eligible to receive a total of two fee waivers. The waivers cover the test fee and up to four college codes, but not any of the special or late fees. ACT waivers must be requested through a school’s guidance office, and due to fund limitations, only a certain number are granted each testing year.
  • Non-Saturday testing – Students who live in a remote area (defined as more than 50 miles from a test center) or who have religious beliefs that prevent them from Saturday testing may apply for non-Saturday testing. If no non-Saturday test centers are available locally, students may use the ACT Request for Arranged Testing application from the ACT Web site to sign up, and they must bring a notarized statement from a cleric explaining that the student’s beliefs forbid Saturday testing.
  • Homebound or confined students – Students who are too ill to leave their residence or are confined may use the ACT Request for Arranged Testing application to arrange testing. It is recommended that students enlist guidance counselors to assist them in this process if needed. 
  • Disabled students – Students who have disabilities can apply for testing accommodations, including extended time periods and alternate testing formats. Any student with a professionally diagnosed and documented disability is eligible for these accommodations, per the ACT Policy for Documentation.

Students should note that the ACT does not make accommodations for limited English proficiency; the ACT is not offered in any other language than English, and limited proficiency is not at present an eligible reason to request extended time periods for testing.

Missing A Test Date

Depending on the reasons for the student being unable to attend, there are several options available for students who missed their test date. If severe weather or a natural disaster prevents the student from reaching the center, it is likely the center itself will be closed, in which case the test will be rescheduled. If the test continues but the student is prevented from reaching the center, the student should contact ACT directly at (319) 337-1270 and review the available options.

Students who miss their test date for other reasons-accidents, illness, being late, not having proper ID-have a different set of options to pursue. A student can request a late test date change, either through their ACT student account or by calling (319) 337-1270; however, students should be aware that a $19 late fee and a $20.50 test change fee will be assessed if this option is pursued. Test fees themselves are nonrefundable regardless of circumstance, but students who miss their test date and decide not to reschedule can receive refunds on optional services, such as 5th and 6th college codes orders, Test Information Release and the ACT Writing Test registration.

Students who request a refund of optional services must write “REFUND” on the unused admission ticket and mail it, or write a letter including identifying information and the test date and test option selected at registration; for letters, the envelope must be marked with “REFUND” in order to be routed and processed properly. Refund requests must be sent to ACT Registration, P.O. Box 414, Iowa City, IA 52243-0414. Refunds are generally sent out within eight weeks of request and are issued in the same form in which the original payment was received.